For Pubwatch, Shopwatch, Businesswatch & other types of schemes and groups

The SCHEMELINK web & mobile app. A suite of dedicated tools
to help your scheme operate
with better efficiency & effectiveness

Secure group communication, networking & information sharing app for crime reduction & public safety initiatives

Schemelink was established in 2006 as Pubwatch online

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Push messaging, free SMS, email alerts, 'Whats-app' style live chat system, noticeboard, there are a number of ways unified within Schemelink to reachout & link with your scheme members to tackle anti-social behaviour & crime.


Ban management

Designed with functions to help schemes/groups tackle crime & anti-social behaviour complete with secure, data protection compliant, 'banned' persons management system.


Real-time alerts

App's available for iOS, Android & PC. The Schemelink app allows fast PIN or biometric access to scheme activity & incidents on the go. Powerful PUSH notifications even when the app is closed!

Extensively used and proven effective throughout the UK since 2006

Call 0300 302 0530 to find out how Schemelink can unify your scheme/group for much easier management & communication resulting in better efficiency & effectiveness.

Use Schemelink to tackle anti-social behaviour & crime in your premises!


At Schemelink, we take pride in offering comprehensive guidance and support to all our members. As part of our commitment to promoting safe and thriving communities, we are pleased to work in tandem with National Pubwatch. National Pubwatch is a leading authority on the establishment and management of pubwatch schemes, providing invaluable insights and resources to ensure the smooth operation of such initiatives. As advocates for responsible socialising and community engagement, we recognise the importance of adhering to their guidance. Whether you're a seasoned pubwatch organiser or considering starting a scheme in your area, we encourage you to explore the wealth of knowledge offered by National Pubwatch. Together, we can create vibrant and secure environments where patrons can enjoy themselves responsibly.