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H.A.N.D Pubwatch Online is an initiative that allows licensed premises instant access to easily communicate and circulate information of individuals that are banned by H.A.N.D Pubwatch scheme from entering licensed premises across the area with a key aim of achieving a safe and secure social environment for licensed premises customers and staff.

Can I appeal against my ban?

You may appeal at any time throughout your ban, although your local Pubwatch reserves the right to reject that appeal. If you wish to appeal, the only ways you can do writing in person to the Pubwatch Liaison Officer at your local Police Station. They will then pass your appeal on to your local Pubwatch chair person, who will then discuss it with the local Pubwatch members. You will then be notified of the result of your appeal.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES APPROACH any pub or landlord with your issue as they will not be able to help you.

To appeal your ban correspondence should be addressed to.

HAND Appeals,
c/o Licensing Dept
Hereford Police Station
Bath Street

For Bans issued in other towns eg Leominster, Kington or Ross-on-Wye please use the address at the bottom of the banning letter or email address above and we will forward on your enquiry.

What happens if I breach my ban?

Your ban may be extended by 3 months or more for each breach so you need to ask yourself, 'Is it worth the risk of being spotted?' Please note: anyone who tries to buy drinks FOR a banned person also leaves themselves open to having a ban of their own, particularly if they know about the ban.


The police and local council provide support on an advisory basis and do not have any part in the decision making process nor do they suggest or comment on bans.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a matter with H.a.n.d pubwatch scheme, please use the online form to send us your contact details.

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Member Support

Technical support is available to all members. If you have any questions or require assistance using H.a.n.d Pubwatch Online, please raise a support ticket (click here) or call 0345 5576125.